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Equinox (Pvt) Ltd, a Panasian Group Company, is a leader in bringing state of the art technology to Pakistan Railways since 1969. The main business focus consists of Railway Signalling Solutions, Track Equipment and Solutions, Rolling Stock and Services for Signalling and Track Works (Mainline and Metros) and are moving towards the turnkey solutions.


Equinox team is powered with competent and motivated individuals, including highly qualified professionals in the fields of signaling, business development and services.


Over the past decades the Equinox has earned the reputation of a strong and reliable business partner providing leading edge technology and innovative rail solutions based on high quality products and services backed by comprehensive support functions. Read more.

Latest Updates

  • Consortium Projects Signal 1 & Signal 3 Completed

  • In Signal 2 Project Total Eight Stations Completed

  • Installation of Outdoor Equipment for Bin Qaim will be done in Feb



  • Supply of Arc Welding Machines Delivered to PR

  • Supply of Rail Turnout Contract Secured with PRFTC

  • Installation of First Locomotive Simulator will be done in Mar 18
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